Edo Van Breemen

is a composer, producer, keyboardist, & installation artist. Growing up near the Everglades in Florida his Dutch parents inspired an appreciation for music & cinema. He later moved to Köln, Germany, and eventually to Vancouver, BC. Edo studied classical piano as a child, was mentored in high school for improvisational playing and composition, and at the same time learned to work with MIDI arrangements on MS DOS platforms before inheriting a shiny candy turquoise iMac 3G and finally being introduced to Logic v3.

While finishing an environmental science degree at university he founded two bands: The Clips and Brasstronaut, as well as co-running the label Unfamiliar Records with partner Greg Ipp. Together they signed and released Mac DeMarco (Makeout Videotape), Japandroids, Snailhouse, The Two Koreas, Brasstronaut, The Paper Cranes, RatTail, The Flowers of Hell, and others. In 2008 Edo participated in a winter residency at the Banff Centre, collaborating with artists like Ragnar Kjartansson, Alexander Overington, Davíð þór Jónsson & Tim Hecker along with a cast of other influential peers who helped to realise a new way forward as a composer/producer. In 2009, performing at Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, he was introduced to Clemens Purner, an Austrian director who commissioned a score for a short film. From that point forward he collaborate with a growing number of directors and production teams on shorts, commercials, and features. Scoring became full time, eventually signing to CAA for representation.

In 2017 he founded “The Trans-Atlantic Film Orchestra” with scoring partner Johannes Winkler (http://www.johnwinkler.de/), based Vienna, Austria. The team currently work with a number of world renowned musicians including Nadia Sirota, Rafiq Bhatia, Sam Davidson, and others the to produce vivid and meticulous scores with organic and synthesized instrumentation. Edo now lives between Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Vancouver, BC. He is currently working on a solo record as well as a multi-media immersive installation inspired by Bruce Chatwin’s, “In Patagonia” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Patagonia), to be premiered early 2018.

When not in the studio, I can be found in a kayak or a tent, or sipping Fernet Branca watching Sergio Leone films. I really like Orson Welles.


Edo Van Breemen